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This web site serves two purposes. Click on the "Services" button to the right to to see how we can help you build a web site of your own. There's lots of information here that will be useful if you are making decisions about a Web presence. It doesn't matter if you are an individual or a large company. We can show you techniques and technologies at cost far lower than you might expect.

Each of the pages has a different look and feel, just to give you an idea of the possibilities, so don't be surprised at the change of colors and presentation.

The "Family" button provides a link to genealogical information for the Lucas and Dever families as well as a forum for posting news and meeting up with family members. Even if you are not a family member, you can get an idea what a web application can look like. This is a real live application that stretches the web interface to the maximum. Just log on as "guest". The genealogy information contained there was produced by Joyce Dever after lots of digging through hundreds of census sheets and a few dozen CDs containing census, birth, marriage and other historical information.


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